Mark Ferguson is a wildlife sound recordist and composer.

He is best-known for his bumblebee recordings, which immerse listeners in the detailed, proximate sound worlds of flower beds, suburban undergrowth, riverside vegetation and other habitats. In August 2019, he made what are widely believed to be the first ever nest recordings of the great yellow bumblebee (one of the rarest UK species, now confined to selected regions of Scotland).

His electroacoustic compositions have been noted for their rich, textural layering of processed and unprocessed sonic material. All are crafted exclusively from his own library of wildlife sounds, using audio programming languages and customised processing algorithms to dramatically alter original recordings and reveal hidden sonic detail for further manipulation in the studio.

Mark’s work has been broadcast by the BBC, mentioned by the Guardian and selected for performance in the UK, Ireland and the USA.

He is currently a doctoral researcher at the University of Birmingham, supported by the Midlands4Cities Doctoral Training Partnership and AHRC.


markfergusonaudio [at] gmail [dot] com