A short environmental film exploring themes of noise pollution and green infrastructure in our cities.

Using a combination of processed time-lapse sequences and ambient stereo field recordings, Green Space is structured around a series of hard-hitting juxtapositions, designed to highlight relative levels of environmental noise in green and traffic-congested urban areas.

The concept for the work was heavily influenced by my own reading of Basner, Mathias et al. 'Auditory and Non-Auditory Effects of Noise on Health.' Lancet 383.9925 (2014): 1325–1332. Personal listening experiences in European cities and towns were also influential.

All material was captured in Brandon Hill Park/Nature Reserve, Bristol, and in various traffic congestion hotspots throughout Bristol city centre.

A customised Raspberry Pi 2 Model B v.1.1 microcomputer running Python time-lapse scripts was used to capture and process raw images.

Ambient field recordings were made using matched pairs of Sennheiser MKH 8020 and DPA 4060 omnidirectional microphones, a Zoom F8 field recorder, Van Damme audio cables and Rycote microphone shock mounts and windshields.

Python, FFmpeg, Csound, Blender, GIMP, Reason and Reaper were all used for subsequent processing, editing and arrangement.