Owls, Bats & Editing

It's been a superb autumn for recording, but it hasn't all been plain sailing.

During a hike through woodland, I nearly lost thousands of pounds' worth of audio gear after slipping on a rotten branch and falling forwards (I was lucky I didn't break my arm).

When fog thickened without warning on another trip, I got lost, had to find my way through thick scrub and slippery rocks in the pitch-dark, then had to jump over an electric fence without knowing exactly where I would land!

Despite these challenges, I've been rewarded with some incredible experiences. 

Highlights include: common and soprano pipistrelle bats feeding close to a small deciduous copse in a Cotswold meadow; a pair of tawny owls swooping through beech trees at dusk, framed by water droplets falling onto a carpet of decaying leaves; and strong, northerly winds filtering through a mature, crispy, late-autumn woodland canopy.

Careful editing for all of these recordings is ongoing, and many will form part of an exciting new project in late 2018.

Updates to come.