Bumble Project Launched

Bumble is an ongoing search for UK bumblebee sounds.

The long-term project consists of a series of location-based recordings with interwoven, narrative voice-overs. I'm hoping to record at least half of the UK’s 25, extant bumblebee species, including the recently reintroduced Bombus subterraneus.

As with all of my work, it's best enjoyed in quiet moments, away from noise and ideally with a good-quality loudspeaker system or pair of headphones.

Recordings to date have been added to a dedicated Google Map. For the first time, you can navigate through a project geographically by clicking/tapping each pin and following the link to the relevant project entry. In the future, I hope to modify this map to incorporate layers of technical and conservation-focused metadata, which should provide additional context.

I'm incredibly grateful to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust for all their help and support.

The first project entry, Beginnings, is available now.