Hard at Work

Work is ongoing on the next Bumble entry. Keep an eye on the website for updates over the next couple of weeks.

I've embarked on a series of equipment upgrades and refinements, expanding my existing range of Rycote windshields and adding a Tascam DR-100 MKIII portable recorder to my collection for overnight deployments.

A number of pistol grips have been modified to allow rapid removal from a small hiking backpack during unexpected moments.

Spring and summer seasons have been hugely successful. Recorded species include hoverflies, stonechats, skylarks, blackcaps, coal tits, willow warblers, buff-tailed/early/tree/common carder bumblebees, hairy-footed flower bees, tadpoles, yellow dung flies, carrion crows, yellowhammers and many more.

As always, selected sounds will make their way onto the recordings page towards the end of the year.