PhD Research

My doctoral studies at The University of Birmingham have formally begun.

Jointly supervised by Drs. Annie Mahtani and Scott Wilson, my research will focus on multichannel acousmatic composition.

I’ll be composing works exclusively from natural source sounds, drawn from a personal recording library of species, soundscapes and abiotic phenomena.

A substantial component of my research will explore the relationship between sound recording and electroacoustic composition: in particular, how the inherent methodologies of wildlife sound recording inform creative work in the studio, and how intensive, studio-based sonic manipulation influences subsequent work in the field.

Other areas of interest include the broader practice of field recording (and its associated technologies, methodologies, pedagogy and community), approaches to wildlife sound cataloguing and curation, the historical development of wildlife sound recording, and cross-disciplinary conservation projects.

Finished compositions will projected through the University's internationally-renowned BEAST sound system, capable of mounting multichannel configurations of up to 100 loudspeakers and one of the largest of its type worldwide.

My doctoral research is supported by the Midlands4Cities Doctoral Training Partnership (formerly Midlands3Cities), funded by the AHRC.

I’ll be adding new, research-focused pages to this website soon.

Updates to come.