‘Mark Ferguson has recorded some wonderful sounds of nature.’
— Damian Carrington, Environment Editor, Guardian

‘Mark was fantastic to work with. He showed great respect for the galleries and real enthusiasm, creating two amazing sound pieces for The Paper Museum exhibition at The Barber.’
— Rosalind Mannaseh, Barber Institute of Fine Arts

‘What a terrific idea, and the recordings are outstanding. Your work certainly provides a fine way to appreciate variation and nuance (and simple beauty) in the sounds of their buzzing.’
— Thor Hanson, award-winning author and biologist

‘The sounds are very evocative.’
— Paul Virostek, Creative Field Recording

‘A really powerful representation. Thank you for taking the time to share it with us.’

‘A new and interesting way to give some scale to this enormous problem.’

‘Powerful and to-the-point.’
— Wildlife Trust, BCN